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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

The Truth Behind Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most popular smartphone in the late 2012. But there was nothing really to be excited about it. So, when Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was released by the Korean manufacturer, consumers weren’t exactly jumping with excitement. But for all those who loved Galaxy S3 but felt it was a little too big, they will find the S3 Mini much more favorable.

This is an attempt by the brand to cash on the popularity of its flagship handset. Getting the looks of high-end Galaxy S3, it is little smaller in size. It has been designed to appeal to younger markets with lower prices and reduced specifications.

Let us take a look at a brief Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini review and see what the device has to offer its consumers.

Looks and Design

Galaxy S3 Mini shares get the same curved shape of its elder brother with the similar off-white color and chrome border. The top and bottom of the Mini are definitely much more curvaceous. You will find the Samsung logo, home button and the power button all at the same place.get related and most helpful tips at this link.

The chassis of Mini gets slimmer and is just 9.9mm-thick. S3 Mini measures 122.55 x 63 x 9.9mm and feels very comfy in the hand and weighs 120g. The compact design holds a manageable 4in screen that of course can’t match the resolution of Galaxy S3 but with 480 x 800 resolutions is comparable to Nokia Lumia 620.

The AMOLED technology behind the display remains the same and certainly doesn’t match with the brightness of Galaxy S3 or the more natural looking colors of Lumia 620.

Hardware and Software

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini gets powered by a NovaThor U8420 processor that is a dual-core and 1GHz. With only 1GB of RAM, this is a big step down from the standard Galaxy S3. It clearly lacks the horsepower offered by the full-sized S3. Galaxy S3 Mini runs on the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system. There are two main ports, the micro USB and the 3.5mm headphone port. Galaxy S3 Mini, benefits from microSD expansion that helps the users to boost the storage abilities to a reasonable 32GB.


The battery in S3 MINI has been downsized too but you will still get impressed with its power pack’s performance. Even after a full day, you will be left with a 70% juice and this is a great result. The battery is surprisingly strong and touted to offer 360 hour standby and 470 minute talk time.


The 5-megapixel shooter in Mini is a mixed bag. Although the colors are sharp, you will find a little noise. The close-up shots are ok though.

There is a VGA front camera too, that seems to be disappointingly dated.for more details, visit


The interface is interesting and easy to use. The features are clearly labeled and the basic touch-based controls are very responsive. The power of the 1GHz dual-core processor and RAM make Galaxy S3 Mini run smoothly. Although you may come across some glitches when operating the handset’s app and widgets, there are no issues with the up-front user experience. One enjoys instant access to their music, news, email, video etc. The capabilities of the Mini are run of the mill but very simply to use .The communications are clear with no disruptions or background noise.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini


 Sturdy design
 Great battery
 Strong in-ear headphone
 Android 4.1 with Samsung Touch


 Average screen and performance
 Not so spectacular 4-inch display
 Substandard 5-megapixel camera
 costly for specs on offer

Summing up Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini review, this device would be a good buy if priced at about $200. But for $349, this is certainly not the best choice out there what with other competitors offering much better baggage, such as Google Nexus 4 and the Sony Xperia S. But S3 Mini carries all the offerings to tickle the mid-market expectations. Available in Pebble Blue and Ceramic White, it does offer some reassurance in the handset’s potential. It fits well in the palm due to its smaller size and is much more comfortable to hold. Nevertheless it fails to stand out in the crowd.

Broken iPhone

Dealing with a Broken iPhone Home Button

Most phones just have one main button and when it fails the phone cannot function any more and call for cell phone repair. Those using iPhone get frustrated with home button especially when it is prone to unresponsiveness as well as lag.view other references at my latest blog post.

Having a Broken Home Button, particularly for those of you no more under guarantee would mean that your iPhone is dead. Be that as it may, that is all right, because there are a couple of things you can experiment with, before contacting Apple being your final resort.

Calibrate your iPhone

Here at Orange County iPhone repair we start by adjustment of you iPhone. It is the speediest and most effortless system for settling your Home Button problems; however, it will not work for everybody. Just open up one of the local iPhone applications, similar to Weather or Clock, and take these strides.

1. Press and hold the home Button until the slide to power off swipe bar shows up, then discharge the Button.
2. Now, press and hold the Home Button until the telephone comes back to the home screen.

Those are the steps, If it is worked for you, cool, it was most likely because of an application not stacking or shutting legitimately. If you never at any point made it past the second step, then you are very brave conceivable fixes to experiment with…read more reviews at

Realign your iPhone’s Connector

To what extent have you had your iPhone for? A while presumably, and you’ve more than likely charged it each and every day since you got it. Thus, it is very conceivable that you may have unintentionally moved a few things strange stopping and unplugging that 30-pin connector regular.

Since the Home Button is specifically over the connector port, it is regular for the 30-pin connector to thump the home Button lopsided.

To solve this, mainly connect the connector to your iPhone and push down tenderly on the connector, which will constrain the Home Button upward. As you are pushing the connector, press the Home Button and check whether that tackled your issue. Provided that this be true, cool you can do the Cell Phone Repair.

Restore your iPhone

Restoring your iPhone is the most widely recognized fix for your Home Button slack. Simply make a point to move the greater part of your information in iTunes before you restore your gadget.

To restore your iOS programming, unite your iPhone to iTunes and select it under Devices. Locate the Summary tab, and then snap Restore. IPhone Repair Orange County can get this done in minutes.

Clean You are Home Button

Like anything, after a tremendous amount of utilization, the iPhone’s Home Button can get messy, making it lose its usefulness. Build up from your pocket or old Cheetos dust can discover its way into the little hole circling the home Button.

Keeping in mind the end goal to wipe this out legitimately you need to utilize isopropyl (rubbing) liquor and a cotton swab as recommended by iPhone repair Orange County. Put a couple of beads of liquor straightforwardly on the Home Button and push down on it utilizing the cotton swab. Hold up a pair of minutes and afterward verify whether that settled the issue.

Broken iPhone

Other approaches to a broken home button could be

• Twist and Spin
• Replace Your Home Button
• Your Jailbreak Options

Lastly, if you have other broken issues on your iPhone, iPhone repair orange county, different aides may assist you with the trip.

Choosing Wireless Broadband Service Providers Wisely

Choosing Wireless Broadband Service Providers Wisely

Mobile technology has gained lot of importance in the last few years around the world. Consumers today want to make sure that they get things done easily no matter wherever they are and therefore they usually go for better wireless technologies that allow them to stay in touch and communicate instantly even while they are on the move. With the help of wireless broadband consumers can enjoy incredible speeds of up to 100 Mbps and more and there are many companies that are now trying to offer such technologies to their consumers. In some parts of the world this technology is also referred as the 4G technology that empowers users to handle their calls, emails, text messages and voice mails on the move. However, when you are going for wireless broadband you need to make sure that you are opting for the right companies and right plans. Here are some tips that can help you to get the right deal in the market.


When you are looking for better wireless broadband deals in the market it is recommended that you look out for companies that can actually offer you better options. There are many service providers available in the market and sometimes it can be confusing which one you should buy. However, you can visit various forums and discussion sites and see what other users have to say and share their experiences. This will allow you to get inside information that can help you to get better decisions. On the other hand, compare various features that are available and see how various service providers have done well in the market. You can compare the services you are being offered and the prices and that will be a better way to start with.for more details, visit


Service providers that offer wireless broadband services make sure that they cater to large audience around the nation and they usually come up with multiple plans that are designed for various users. This means that every service provider might have 2 to 3 different mobile usage plans. Hence, you will need to focus on what you really want to make use of when you are going for wireless broadband services. This will help you out to make sure that you are making optimum use of the package that you have bought. There might be some plans that might sound good but they might be expensive and they might not be the right plans for you so avoid them and choose intelligently.


When you are using mobile broadband you also need to make sure that you will get the same kind of service across the nation. There are many service providers that have good services in selected parts of the country and that can impact your service performance. This is why you need to look out for companies that offer a wider coverage area so that you can still make use of the wireless broadband service when you are on the move. If you are regular commuting between two cities you can find out if the service is great in both the cities and that should help.

Choosing Wireless Broadband Service Providers Wisely

Better Customer Support

Not all wireless broadband service providers have better customer support and that can put you in trouble situation especially when you are unable to get connected and you don’t have customer support that you can speak to. Always find out which service providers have better toll free number support or chat support for 24 hours so that you can get in touch at any time of the day to ensure that your technical issues are being resolved immediately to get you hooked on with the services.


How to increase Storage for your Smartphone

Is it true that you are continually getting mistake messages about your phone being almost out of storage room? Take after these 5 approaches to build storage room on your cell phone or tablet so you never need to stress over it again with the Cell Phone Repair! As all of you most likely know at this point, I’m a tremendous sweetheart of tech and contraptions. I adore that I can confirm the indoor regulator from anyplace with my telephone and I’m always taking photos of our felines.

Add a SD card to your smartphone

What’s the most straightforward approach to get more capacity on your smartphone or tablet? Include more! Numerous cutting edge smartphones now have the choice to include a SD or Micro SD cards which can conceivably twofold or triple the storage room of your device.

Most phones and tablets have the capacity of consequently putting away photographs and feature and moving over applications to the SD card. Be mindful of what sort of card your contraption can use, alongside any greatest stockpiling cutoff points it can utilize. Additionally, bear in mind to evacuate the card on the if you offer, exchange, or give your telephone or tablet. At iPhone repair orange we offer the best installation of SD cards, learn additional tips at

Frequently Backup and after that Delete Your Extra Files

Orange county iPhone repair -We all know we ought to routinely move down our tech treats like our PCs and telephones, however it can be anything but difficult to disregard… not that I would know anything about that. All things considered, I have added it to my rundown of things to do toward the start of every month like verifying my books are avant-garde. I generally reinforcement things like archives, photographs and features to my PC, which will then naturally be added to my cloud reinforcement. Once my additional documents are went down, I can erase them from my phone and spare a considerable measure of space.

Erase Unused Apps

I’ll concede I experiment with a great deal of gaming and different applications and fall all through affection over them extra time. A year ago Angry Birds Star Wars may have been my go to amusement, however this year I haven’t touched it in months.

• Any applications I haven’t utilized as a part of a while and don’t predict myself utilizing as a part of the close element, I’ll go in and erase with the help of orange county iPhone repair.visit this website for more details.

• Applications can take up more storage room than you understand after some time, in addition to you can simply download them once more.

• Numerous applications even utilize distributed storage nowadays to keep your advancement or information.

Use Cloud Services –

I’ve said distributed storage several times in this post and it’s a really wonderful thing on the off chance that you aren’t acquainted with it. Fundamentally it implies you can store and access your records online from various gadgets without the documents really being physically on your gadget and in this manner not taking space on your gadget. You can store a wide range of records like pictures, features, contacts and reports. Some you may have known about before are Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Numerous cloud administrations offer a better than average measure of free stockpiling. Check with Cell Phone Repair for more on how to use cloud services

Frequently Clear Old Data


Did you realize that messages, contacts, writings and so forth all consume up storage space on your telephone? I’m liable of having thousands, yes thousands, of new messages over my numerous email addresses, which can include rapidly.get more ideas about smartphone at

Lastly time you’re likewise liable to have copy contacts put away on your telephone, in addition to administrations like Facebook and Google typically keep duplicates too. On the off chance that it’s been a while since you’ve experienced things like this, you may have the capacity to get a decent lump of capacity arranged for. In the matter of email, you can set most applications to just store messages back to a sure time span to assist save with dispersing. Get more on smartphone issue at iPhone repair orange county.

Mobile Phones Online

Why Consumers Today Prefer to Buy Mobile Phones Online?

One of the main reasons why many consumers today prefer to buy mobile phones online rather than buying them from the store is that they get better rates. Most of the online ecommerce sites offer lower prices that attract many buyers to look out for better deals on the internet. As more and more sites launch on the internet the market competition gets tougher and online retailers and mobile phone dealers get into the cut throat competition to offer the best possible price for mobile phones.

Although, this might be nothing less than a nightmare for the dealers but it is certainly a boon for the consumers that get the option to look out for multiple mobile phone sites before they get the right deal. Consumers have the liberty to browse through many different sites where they can see the picture of the mobile phone and get specifications and information about the handset which helps them to make better decisions.

The trend of buying mobile phones on the internet has also helped many consumers to save time because buyers today are busy with their hectic schedule and therefore they prefer to buy mobile phones and smartphones on the internet that saves their time. They can browse and research online through various review sites and pick the right mobile that suits their requirements and budget.

On the other hand, there are many buyers that look out for used mobile phones as they have limited budget or if they are looking for some handsets that are no longer available in the market. The rise of internet technologies has made it convenient for the consumers to find the right kind of mobile phone and smartphones that they need even if they are being used. Many mobile phone buyers are not quite happy with the handset that they have bought and therefore they would like to sell off that handset to someone who is interested in buying the same model.go to for more information and updates.

Online ecommerce sites make it easy for such individual sellers who would like to sell off their handset for a better price to buyers who want to buy them instantly. One of the biggest advantages of such websites is that they eliminate any third party or broker in the deal. Sellers can post their ads on their own and buyers can get in touch with the sellers and together they can negotiate and complete the deal or buyers can look out for some other seller selling the same mobile phone at a better price.

Mobile Phones Online

Although, there are still many people that prefer to buy mobile phones offline because they are not quite used to the new technologies but with the help of internet awareness across the country many small town consumers are buying mobile phones through internet. Many small town residents prefer to work in top metro cities and therefore they remain in constant touch with the new internet technologies that are being used in urban cities which they take back home when they return.

iPhone Repairs

Common Problems With iPhone Repairs

Did you know that having an iPhone has a lot of common issues that only the orange county iPhone repair can solve? You will have to encounter one or more of the issues in the course of using the iPhone. Most iPhone users will keep up with the issues all along until the phone dies. This should not always be the case as with the orange county iPhone repair the common issue will be solved.

Here is a list of the most common iPhone issues that needs repair when they occur

Cracked Screen:

If the iPhone drops particularly without a case, this can bring about your screen to break. Regardless of the possibility that is despite everything it works, it is not the most appealing sight, and can likewise make it hard to utilize later. Orange county iPhone repair can without much of a stretch supplant a broken screen in our shop, in less than 30 minutes. What’s more, our costs are modest for an out-of-guarantee repair, so it merits acquired it and settling it before it goes amiss.

Water Damage:

It happens to everybody. That unfortunate slip from a pocket or hand that brings your iPhone, specifically into the sink or latrine can bring about your telephone to water log. Luckily, the length of you are cautious and act rapidly, your phone can survive a coincidental swim. Before you DIY your telephone to dry it out, take it to us as quickly as time permits. At the orange county, iPhone repair has the essential devices and experience to settle your phone because water harms the whole framework.

IPhone will not power on:

This can be a dubious one. Have a go at interfacing your iPhone to force supply and charging the battery. The low battery screen may take a while to show up so be persistent. In the event that that does not help, it is conceivable that you may need to contact Apple’s administration focus or get another battery but check with iPhone repair Orange County for help first.

IPhone will not power off:

In the event that your iPhone will not kill take a stab at holding so as to churn it off both the rest/wake catch and the home key for around five seconds. Keep on holding until the Apple logo shows up. Your telephone ought to now control on and off ordinarily, but if it fails then check with iPhone repair orange county.

Experiencing difficulty interfacing iPhone to Wi-Fi:

To begin with, verify Wi-Fi is empowered in your iPhone’s settings menu. On the off chance that it is still not meeting expectations, there are a couple of things you can attempt.

To start with, force your iPhone now and again.

• If doesn’t work, try to restore your gadget’s settings by holding the home key with the rest/wake key.checkout latest news at

• If your iPhone is experiencing difficulty joining with one particular system, attempt to constrain the telephone to overlook that system. (Settings » touch system name » pick “overlook” on next screen). The force now and again, then attempts to reconnect.

IPhone camera does not work

iPhone Repairs

It is conceivable that you have confinements turned on so first go to settings » general » limitations and verify the “permit camera” choice is set to on. It is additionally a smart thought to tap “handicap confinements.” If this does not work, take a stab at controlling the gadget now and again or attempt to reset the device (rest/wake key with a home key). If all else fails, move down your information, and afterward try to restore your telephone in iTunes. In the event that none of this works, it’s conceivable that there’s a real equipment issue with your camera, in which case you’re most reliable option would be to contact Apple or take the telephone to your closest Apple S

Lastly, at we also repair, home buttons, power/volume buttons, cameras, and back housing. There is no need to stress yourself with a faulty iPhone when iPhone repair orange county offers certified repair services that you will enjoy.

Cracked I-phone Screen

Fast & Cheap Repair for Cracked I-phone Screen?

Since smartphones have turned out to be such a characteristic expansion of our lives, and we take these gadgets wherever we go–even to bed sometimes–accidental harms, for example, cracked screens on these smaller than usual PCs have turned into a deplorable reality for some buyers hence the need to seek Cell Phone Repair . The possibilities of harm builds in case you are not utilizing a case or skin on your telephone, however, outline idealists would contend that these cases destroy the characteristic feel of the gadget as they were planned.
In this way, on the off chance that you wind up with a cracked screen, here are five diverse repair choices that could work for you.

Contact the Manufacturer

Certain producer or retail locations, similar to the Apple and Microsoft, offer service agreement options that you can buy. You ought to ask about these opportunities, as AppleCare+ or Microsoft Complete, at the purpose of procurement for your new telephone or tablet as there may be time limitations on when you can even now share in the event that you don’t purchase the service contracts immediately.

Apple’s AppleCare+ takes care of the iPhone and expenses $99 to tune in. You can either acquire your iPhone to an Apple retail location or mail it to Apple after you converse with their phone administration, giving clients who do not live inside of the scope of an Apple store some adaptability. If your phone is not covered by any guarantee, then contact orange county phone repair for the screen replacement.

Accidental Damage Insurance Coverage

Your bearer of the decision may offer you a protection plan that you generally can sign up inside of thirty days of obtaining another handset. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon all accomplice with protection supplier Asurion. To share, you’ll need to pay a month to month premium, more often than not between a couple of dollars to $10 contingent upon what sort of scope you select, and when you have to document a case you’ll be surveyed a deductible relying upon what gadget you have. Deductibles change between $50 to $200 per occurrence, and you’re ordinarily restricted to two episodes for each year. The charges are that large hence check with orange county iphone repair for screen replacement.


The least expensive alternative for repairing a cracked screen would be to do it without anyone’s help, or utilizing the DIY technique. Clients can take a gander at iFixIt for the repair guide on the most proficient method to disassemble their telephones and after that how to repair the harmed or cracked screen. YouTube features are another awesome reference to get visuals on taking care of the repair process but if you find it difficult seek assistance at orange county iPhone repair.

Neighborhood Repair Shop

Contingent upon where you live, there may be neighborhood repair shops that can assist. Select Best Buy areas may offer nearby orange county iphone repair help. Different choices including scanning the Internet for nearby repair stores, or going to your neighborhood shopping center for a repair stand.

• Look around, quest the Internet for neighborhood shops in your general vicinity, visit the White Pages, and check Yelp audits before acquiring your gadget.checkout latest news at

• Repairs regularly cost around $100 or more, and can take anyplace from a couple of minutes to an hour or two. These nearby repairs are commonly done nearby.

Cracked I-phone Screen

Like with DIY repairs, repairs done through informal outside sources void the guarantee.

Lastly try the Screen Repair Spray. An answer that was as of late discharged not long ago is the Spray on Screen Repair by Phone Doctors. The $100 shower arrangement is intended to be a brisk and simple repair and is much less difficult than dissecting your telephone and swapping out the cracked screen for another one. Your mileage may shift with this one, contingent upon how profound or enormous your split is, and since we haven’t attempted this arrangement yet at orange county iphone repair, we can’t vouch for the item right now.