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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

The Truth Behind Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most popular smartphone in the late 2012. But there was nothing really to be excited about it. So, when Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was released by the Korean manufacturer, consumers weren’t exactly jumping with excitement. But for all those who loved Galaxy S3 but felt it was a little too big, they will find the S3 Mini much more favorable.

This is an attempt by the brand to cash on the popularity of its flagship handset. Getting the looks of high-end Galaxy S3, it is little smaller in size. It has been designed to appeal to younger markets with lower prices and reduced specifications.

Let us take a look at a brief Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini review and see what the device has to offer its consumers.

Looks and Design

Galaxy S3 Mini shares get the same curved shape of its elder brother with the similar off-white color and chrome border. The top and bottom of the Mini are definitely much more curvaceous. You will find the Samsung logo, home button and the power button all at the same place.get related and most helpful tips at this link.

The chassis of Mini gets slimmer and is just 9.9mm-thick. S3 Mini measures 122.55 x 63 x 9.9mm and feels very comfy in the hand and weighs 120g. The compact design holds a manageable 4in screen that of course can’t match the resolution of Galaxy S3 but with 480 x 800 resolutions is comparable to Nokia Lumia 620.

The AMOLED technology behind the display remains the same and certainly doesn’t match with the brightness of Galaxy S3 or the more natural looking colors of Lumia 620.

Hardware and Software

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini gets powered by a NovaThor U8420 processor that is a dual-core and 1GHz. With only 1GB of RAM, this is a big step down from the standard Galaxy S3. It clearly lacks the horsepower offered by the full-sized S3. Galaxy S3 Mini runs on the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system. There are two main ports, the micro USB and the 3.5mm headphone port. Galaxy S3 Mini, benefits from microSD expansion that helps the users to boost the storage abilities to a reasonable 32GB.


The battery in S3 MINI has been downsized too but you will still get impressed with its power pack’s performance. Even after a full day, you will be left with a 70% juice and this is a great result. The battery is surprisingly strong and touted to offer 360 hour standby and 470 minute talk time.


The 5-megapixel shooter in Mini is a mixed bag. Although the colors are sharp, you will find a little noise. The close-up shots are ok though.

There is a VGA front camera too, that seems to be disappointingly dated.for more details, visit http://www.mytechbits.com/galaxy-tab-s-pro-news-giant-tablet-to-be-known-as-galaxy-view-to-sport-mid/98112614/


The interface is interesting and easy to use. The features are clearly labeled and the basic touch-based controls are very responsive. The power of the 1GHz dual-core processor and RAM make Galaxy S3 Mini run smoothly. Although you may come across some glitches when operating the handset’s app and widgets, there are no issues with the up-front user experience. One enjoys instant access to their music, news, email, video etc. The capabilities of the Mini are run of the mill but very simply to use .The communications are clear with no disruptions or background noise.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini


 Sturdy design
 Great battery
 Strong in-ear headphone
 Android 4.1 with Samsung Touch


 Average screen and performance
 Not so spectacular 4-inch display
 Substandard 5-megapixel camera
 costly for specs on offer

Summing up Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini review, this device would be a good buy if priced at about $200. But for $349, this is certainly not the best choice out there what with other competitors offering much better baggage, such as Google Nexus 4 and the Sony Xperia S. But S3 Mini carries all the offerings to tickle the mid-market expectations. Available in Pebble Blue and Ceramic White, it does offer some reassurance in the handset’s potential. It fits well in the palm due to its smaller size and is much more comfortable to hold. Nevertheless it fails to stand out in the crowd.