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IPhone Repair Orange County

How to Find the Best IPhone Repair Orange County?

IPhone repair Orange County is important. When something goes wrong with your iPhone you have very few options available to you. For some, they think it’s easier to buy a new phone than it is to repair it which isn’t exactly the case. Sometimes you spend a little money repairing the phone but end up with a great that last another few years! Why spend more?! However, when it comes to finding repair shops, where should you start? Read on to find a few simple tips that might help you.

Look Locally

If you have a broken iPhone then your best bet would be to start within the local area. There has to be some local stores that offer iPhone repair. You want to start with them simply because they will be the easiest stores to locate. However, if you fail to find a local store, you could always go online and search there. You should be able to find some good repair stores and you shouldn’t have too much trouble either. There are lots of cell phone repair pros too and you will find it saves you a lot of money. Locally, there should be one or two companies who can handle the work.

Get Recommendations from Friends

Sometimes, you are best seeking out a recommendation or two from the people you know. If you know people who have had problems with their iPhone in the past then you are best asking them for advice over who they saw to repair the problem. For most, they have known someone who has pointed them in the right direction and you might find this to be of great use also. You really need to think about asking for recommendations and getting the help and advice you need from them also. Recommendations are useful and really they are great when you aren’t sure which way to start the search. Orange County iPhone repair is important and a lot easier to find too.

Repairing Is Cheaper Than Buying New

You have to remember that while most people would say buying a new phone rather than search for someone to fix it would be better but it’s actually far more costly. If you think about it, you could end up paying thousands of dollars for one new phone where you could have spent less than one hundred! Sometimes you have to think about what’s viable and what’s better for you too. There are good cell phone repair pros to consider and it’s worth thinking about them too.

Consider Repairs

Repairing phones can be far easier when you find the right individuals and you can surely see the positive rewards to come from them too. It would be well worth thinking about repairing an iPhone than replacing it and it saves you having to switch numbers and everything else! There are many good repair stores out there if you look for them. You really can get a fantastic repairs company to work on your phone without it costing thousands of dollars. IPhone repair Orange County is well worth considering. Visit: http://cellphonerepairpros.com/

3 Great Reasons to consider an iPhone Over an Android Cell Phone

Do you think about an iPhone repair orange county? If you’re thinking about getting a smart phone, and the Android phones are on your list, you might want to check this out – 3 reasons you may want to get an iPhone, rather than an Android.

Screen size and physical quality

The Android screens are big. The iPhone size was very carefully thought out. Many of the Android phones think they might be a tablet. However, if that works for you, it works for you. In fact, if you can work with a big screen Android without buying a tablet, you win. There are a lot of iPhone users who feel they also need an iPad.

The over-all fit finish and feel of the Android phones is good, but not quite as good as the iPhone. The iPhone is a beautiful, quality device recommended by Cell Phone Repair Pros – there is simply nothing (in our opinion to knock about the feel of it.

Repairs and value retention

You may not care about your phone retaining value, and that’s fair enough. Maybe it is just a cheap enough prices that you can afford not worry about it, and we understand that.

  • What about the iPhone? The first iPhone, the 2G, is still worth up to $100 in good shape. We think that is remarkable, considering the phone was introduced in 2007. The 3G will still bring about $150, and the 3GS (which is still being made as of this writing) can pay $200 or more, used.
  • What about repairs? Call iPhone repair Orange County. The iPhone is extremely repairable. Independent repair shops are springing up because people love all the Apple devices, and so they are willing to spend the money to have them repaired. If you’re working on living a green life, then there is no other choice in a cell phone. Repairing an iPhone is as green as it gets.


The Android phones are repairable, and if you are diligent, you can find a shop that will repair your Android, provided it isn’t too old.


Software can be a little bit of a challenge with the Android phones.


If you heard or read Steve Job’s biography the Cell Phone Repair Pros-, you know he were nuts about getting Google for (in his words) “Stealing” the iPhone Operating System. Steve is dead, but Apple is winning in the courts against Google, and it may impact your Android phone in the future.

mobile-phone-repairsThe Android operating system is a great operating system. However, it lacks the same level of user experience (in our opinion) of the iPhone. The iPhone is intuitive – you can use it like-a-pro minutes after you first handle the iPhone. The latest Android phones no longer have physical buttons. Android efforts to equal the iPhone screen colour quality are coming close. If you’re not concerned about colour noise on the screen, you won’t miss a thing. see more info coming from http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/139788-tips-and-tricks-things-to-look-out-for-in-a-phone-repair-service

To conclude:

Some people think Apple’s SIRI talking assistant on the iPhone 4S is not their cup of tea. Different strokes for different folks. In our opinion, SIRI is the future – we think we will all be talking to all our devices, sooner than we think! What should you do next? Do you have any questions about iPhones, iPods or iPads? We have done over 1,000 repairs. Just go to iPhone repair Orange County and text or call us now.